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Refrigerated transport

At national and international level

eurobiotrans - Refrigerated land freight transport company specialized in hanging meats

Quality refrigerated transportation

In Eurobiotrans, we take refrigerated transportation to the next level, providing cutting-edge logistics solutions to guarantee the integrity and freshness of your products from origin to final destination. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is designed to meet the most demanding demands of the market.


Variety of options

We offer a variety of refrigerated trucks designed to adapt to different needs and types of cargo. Whether you need standard, double-decker, multi-temperature or narrow-wall refrigerated transport, Eurobiotrans has the perfect solution for you.

Specialized refrigerated trucks

  • Simple cooling: For standard loads that require a constant and controlled temperature.

  • Double floor: Designed to maximize load capacity without compromising cooling system efficiency.

  • Multi-Temperature: Ideal for transporting products with different temperature requirements in a single load.

  • Narrow wall: Perfect for limited spaces without sacrificing cooling capacity.

Advanced technology

At Eurobiotrans, we incorporate advanced technology in all our refrigerated trucks. Each vehicle is equipped with real-time thermography and geolocation. This not only ensures precise temperature control during transportation, but also provides detailed and real-time information on the location and conditions of the cargo.

Commitment to quality and efficiency

Our highly trained and experienced team understands the importance of maintaining optimal conditions for refrigerated products. We are committed to guarantee the freshness and quality of your cargo throughout the trip, regardless of the complexity of your temperature requirements.

Customization and flexibility

At Eurobiotrans, we understand that each load is unique. Therefore, we offer personalized and flexible solutions to adapt to your specific requirements. From the management of different temperatures to planning personalized routes, we are here to make your refrigerated transportation experience seamless.

The transportation process









Other services

Hanging meat transport

Refrigerated trucks equipped with a euro-hook system, for transporting sheep, goats, cattle and pigs. Equipped with geolocation and thermography in real time.

Transport without temperature

Tautliners Mega with reel holder cradle and rear extension system for special width goods. Elevatable up to 3 meters. They are equipped with 5000 DaN, non-slip webbing, corner pads and geolocation.

Another services

If you need storage, parking, readjust a moved load or re-contract the delivery of merchandise, contact us.

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Quality guarantee

We are committed to giving you the best service, with exhaustive monitoring and maximum communication.

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